Crystal Chandeliers

The magnificence of crystal chandelier lighting is perhaps unmatched by any other medium. A beautiful crystal chandelier can quite literally take your breath away. Whether you are looking for a large 3 tier crystal chandelier, a mini crystal chandeliers or a crystal pendant chandelier, we have curated our selection to inspire you. Here we have a complete selection from Italian imports to colored crystals as well as varied designs from traditional shapes to more modern round crystal chandeliers. Should your space be tight or your ceiling height not be tall enough to accommodate the full length of a chandelier, our crystal ceiling lights which showcase their beauty more flush to the ceiling are equally dazzling light fixtures.   

There should be no confusion in discerning the various types of crystal. In fact, the level of quality is as the phrase implies "crystal clear." Glass trim will reflect light while crystal trim shall refract it. Within a solid white environment, glass will have no color. Crystal, on the other hand, will still display fire and brilliance regardless of the presence of color. All that is needed is light. Strass ( Swarovski ) has the most "color" and is the most expensive crystal, yet other kinds of crystal such as Gem cut, Egyptian, Spectra, Heritage, Turkish, Bohemian, Czech, or wood-polished are also considered fine quality choices. Murano crystal is in a category by itself. Italian glass crystal is used in antique reproduction chandeliers. The frames for our crystal chandeliers include those that are all crystal as well as bronze, gold, iron and silver and more. Visit our Design Guides & Tips for a complete description of the various types of crystal

And don’t forget to periodically visit our Antique & Vintage Inspired Chandeliers section where we are occasionally able offer some very special one of kind antique cut crystal chandeliers. Real treasures to behold!

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