What Are Accent Chairs Used For?

Accent chairs are a popular choice when incorporating seating into your home decor because they add both style and function to a room. These seating options stand out within the living space. They bring a bold color, contrasting texture or unexpected shape into the mix, all while providing an elegant solution to filling tricky bare floor spaces. Accent chairs are usually chosen as standalone pieces rather than appearing in pairs or sets to increase the visual impact of the pattern, color, shape or fabric of the chair. When you browse our collection, you’ll find plenty of accent chairs! But these are not the only stylish seating option to enhance the theme of your home decor; light wood bar stools allow multiple guests to sit in an industrial themed bar area, rattan dining chairs allow for large gatherings around modern and contemporary dining room tables, and classic teak outdoor chairs offer ample seating to accompany patio furniture.

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